As Adera Machine Automation, we are specialized company in the field of single head quilting machine manufacturing for 20 years. Our quilting machines have graphical operator interface which provides ease-of-use and our machines have CE compatibility. In addition, we provide 24 hours service support. The quilting machines that we manufacture have customized presser foot system, thus they provide perfect sewing even for thickest material.


Our company also manufactures machines for quilts and bedspreads. The rails of our quilting machines has height control and scale foot which has many geometrical figures such as linear, square, circular and skip figures. We give priority to simplicity and functionality in our machine designs and provide smooth mechanic and electronic systems. We are assertive for manufacturing of quilting machines that meet customer satisfaction and needs.


As Adera Machine Automation, we keep manufacturing within the frame of occupational health and safety and with our team, which has work ethic and long sector experience. Our company maintains manufacturing of quilting machines for Turkish and international leader companies.