Single Head Quilting Machine

General Details

Single Head Quilting Machine

Technical Specification / Serial: A

Fully computerized control system, includes more than 1600 patterns.

Maximum speed: 1800 stitches per minute.

Able to quilt 0 – 5 cm thick materials.

Hook System: KRT132 (extremely large for fewer bobbin exchange).

Able to quilt Tack & Jump patterns.

Adjustable running speed.

Adjustable stitch length between 2 – 10 mm.

Thread break detection. Thread break detection.

Accepts AutoCAD DXF files as patterns.

All patterns resizeable on the machine, vertically and horizontally.

Weight: approx. 1300kg.

Electrical power consumption: 220 VAC, single phase, ~3 kW.

Pressurized air requirement: Minimum 5 bars.