Ease-of-use, user friendly graphic operator interface

Maximum Speed

1800 knot per minute max. speed, recommended continuous working speed 1600 knot per minute.

Standard 195 x 165 cm Sewing Space

We manufacture customized machines for bedspread and quilts.

Unlimited Design

All types of figure sewing such as circular, linear, square and skip.

Knot Size

Knot size can be adjusted between 2-10 mm.

3 Axial Coordination

There is no thickening or dilution on the squares and knots thanks to three axial coordination. Equal knot size for every point.

For Sofa and Armchairs

It is possible to calibrate of back and seat parts of sofa /armchair design, separately and independently.

AutoCAD (R) (DXF) files can be loaded directly over USB as patterns without any conversion.